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Facial Fillers!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Ok, lets talk facial fillers!! Bear in mind to be able to inject fillers, you need a license. So a lot of people are qualified to do them. Even your dentist can perform Botox on you, so can a registered nurse in most states.   Fillers are an art in themselves, and these days some surgeons specialize in fillers only. Some plastic surgeons are very talented in this procedure and there a few surgeons around the USA that are masters at using fillers to do noninvasive, nose, chin, cheekbone, chin and lip augmentation.

There are several types of fillers, and your choice of facial filler depends on what you are trying to achieve and how long you need it to last. In today’s world, you can also find body fillers that women have been using in place of fat.  Most body fillers are available in Europe where the market is less regulated. Macrolane is a body filler that can also be used to enhance the boobs and buttocks, the FDA does not yet approve it, but it has however been approved in Europe.

There are several other body fillers approved in the EU; however, the FDA has not approved most of them yet as the long-term risks are unknown yet. In the USA some surgeons are using large quantities of face fillers in the buttocks, the costs could be as much as $50,000 (a few celebrities you may know have them). Still, the best solution for buttocks augmentation is your fat. When considering body fillers you have to be conscientious, products like silicone and PMMA could be dangerous and life-threatening they are banned worldwide from being used as body fillers.

My tip on fillers is to be conservative a lot of women these days are overdoing it.  How many times on social media do I have to see the same over-inflated rubber lips? Overfilled faces are becoming a trend. Like the super filled cheeks, jawline and the nose bridges, everyone is getting.  Fillers are great when done conservatively by a good aesthetician or plastic surgeon. However, don’t go for that same old look that a lot of girls (and guys) are doing these days. You will start looking weird. What’s the use in wasting all that money to have fillers when everybody can tell you’ve had your face pumped up? Be careful!! Pace it. Fillers can be a life-changing procedure, but be conservative with it!


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