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How a toxic friend can ruin your dream of life

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

There comes a time in your life when you realize you have to cut ties with some people you once held dear to your heart. Usually, this happens after you realize they aren’t as great as you thought they were, after all, or they changed from who they were when you first met them. Admittedly, no individual is perfect, of course, everybody has good and bad qualities, but if they have to keep being in your life, they should be contributing positively and not negatively. No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to stop them from exhibiting these character flaws.

In most cases, people are blind to the toxic traits until they get to a certain point in life where re-evaluation of the past makes them realize how much toxicity they have been taking in for years. It is dangerous to associate with toxic people because they do a lot of damage to us both mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. They crush our self-esteem to lower levels, and it is quite problematic because these people often exist within our inner circle of friends, and you need to be aware, these toxic friends can ruin your dream of life.

These kinds of people enjoy playing manipulative games; they have a way of manipulating you into who they want you to be. To protect yourself, you need to learn how to identify and separate yourself from them. Below are some tips on how to identify them.

They love taking.

These kinds of people love to take from people and never give anything in return. They always there asking for help, seeking favours, and the relationship is only about what they can get from you and not about what they can give to you. Even when you refuse to offer what they are requesting, they use manipulative ways, including making you feel guilty, to make you do what they want. If you have a friend/friends who are like this, you need to watch them closely, they might be the toxic friends you have been trying to fish out of your life.

They love to be in control.

Have you ever had a friend that wants to control your life, tell you what to wear, where to go, what to do and what not, how to react etc? Even when you try to object, they pick offence. Of course, there is nothing wrong in allowing people around you influence your actions sometimes, but it really becomes bad when they want to always tell you what to do. You are not even allowed to make your own decisions. Healthy relationships support independence, and they don’t support making individuals feel they live and breath only for you.

They are manipulative.

As I mentioned earlier, toxic people are manipulators; these type of people will use your words against you; they turn people against you. When things get heated, they come running to offer you comfort so you would see them as an angel. They push you to the wall, and when you react, they complain about your reactions, the worst part of it is that they instigate you in secret and complain about your responses in the open, so people would see you as the devil while they seem to be an angel.

They talk you down.

Of course, one of the noticeable traits of these people is that they try to talk you down while making people think highly of them. These kinds of people know how to give different versions of the truth in ways that you might believe. If you have a friend who is good at twisting the truth, you should avoid them.

They are abusers.

They abuse you in different ways. It could verbally, physically or mentally. They make you even afraid of complaining when they are wrong. You walk on eggshells when they are around you to avoid doing or saying the wrong thing.

There are many ways toxic people can ruin your dream of life is. These effects, in the beginning, are unnoticeable until the damage becomes hugely detrimental to your life. We are often ignorant about how toxic people can ruin your dream of life, and one of them is through destroying your self-esteem and self-confidence. We enjoy being around people who compliment and praise us, people who see our worth and efforts appreciate them. These actions encourage us to grow and overcome life challenges.

Being assertive can make you powerful beyond your dreams. It helps give them the confidence to try out things others may feel are impossible to achieve. What happens when we are around people who only point out our faults and remind us of how weak we are? The answer is clear, we begin to behave just the way they describe us to be, and in turn, ruin a lot of dreams we have for ourself. Another vital point to note is that toxic friends drain you mentally, emotionally and physically, thus leaving you with little or no energy to pursue your life ambition.

If you want to avoid your life dream getting ruined, get rid of every form of negativity around you, including negative people. Negative people make you feel something is wrong with you. You develop the mindset that something is always wrong with the environmental, people around you, the country etc. Negativity attracts negativity; it also gives you the wrong perspective about people who may help you achieve your dream of life. If you want to achieve your dream of life, you have to get rid of toxic negative friends.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to do great things, people who teach you to look beyond challenges. How toxic friends can ruin your dream of life is inexhaustible, and we do not want you to live in regrets, so take that bold step and disconnect from them before the damage is done.


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