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The Glass Slipper Fantasy…

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Women’s feet are growing bigger and bigger, and today we can find shoes as big as size 13 (11UK ) for women. However, there is just something about having tiny feet for a woman. I like tiny and have prayed many a night I should wake up in the morning with small feet. Once I even bought these subliminal recordings that swore they would change your foot size overnight if you just listened every night.

Now, ladies, the secret is to just wear shoes that flatter your foot shape. I have thick feet so I have learned to wear shoes that go with my foot shape and my feet feel great. I have mastered the art of concealing a bigfoot and making it look smaller. I find most designer shoes are so well cut that they can flatter even the most disastrous foot and make it look quite good.

So if you have a bigger foot ‘ “as Wendy Williams ( Television Host) will say.” Be proud of it. Just find shoes that make your feet look good. You are definitely not the glass slipper girl most likely. Who cares, at least you can find pretty shoes that fit you. Imagine if nothing fit and you could not find shoes to fit you, that would be a much more precarious position to be.

Have regular manicures and pedicures and if you in a city that offers a Bastien Pedicure this is a must it will make your feet literately half a size smaller, and they will look amazing. Bastien pedicures cost around $500 quite a hefty price but, sooo worth it. A couple of great designers for women with larger feet include Sigerson Morrison, Tamara Mellon, Gucci, Chanel, and many more. So you see, all hope is not lost…… find the slipper that fits you like a glove. Just not a glass one…


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