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The Shiny Cat

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Infrared saunas are great for your skin; they help maintain elasticity, keep it taught, and also you sweat a lot thereby you detox totally. My favorite spa in LA is the Olympic Spa. An immersive experience into how Korean women value and take care of their beauty. That said, I always love to get there when it’s not very busy and use my spa time as a deeply relaxing time, before all the ladies that come in groups arrive. There is nothing more annoying than having a spa treatment and having people gossiping and chatting right beside you about some nonsense when they can clearly see all the signs saying, “no talking”.

My first stop usually at Olympic Spa is the infrared room. I have a routine I follow every time I am there, it goes something like this. Shower, wash and condition hair, put on hair mask , put on shower cap, then go into the infrared sauna, followed by a dip in the ice pool, then steam room , back to ice pool, steam room again , ice pool, then mugwort tea bath, ice pool, by this time I then get called for my treatment and head to the treatment area.

I have also managed to get this whole routine down in about three hours flat. So then I can then have something to eat in the spa restaurant after treatments. I then head home and usually go straight to bed or to the hairdressers to get a blow dry.

On this occasion I was lucky to have the infrared sauna all to myself it’s a small room that fits about eight people lying down so when it’s not crowded it’s nice to have it all to yourself. I walked in, put my towels down and went into blissful rest. I was in bliss when these three middle age women walked in, and a fourth joined them. From what I could gather two worked at Warner Brothers and one was a writer. Well, let’s talk about this writer lady, she could not shut up. She was so loud; however, the content of her conversation was rather juicy. How could one resist eavesdropping. Her friends being embarrassed kept asking me if it was ok how loud her volume was. I said it was fine.

The ladies proceeded to talk about lash extensions, injectables and plastic surgery. I was listening to it all and miss loud mouth just could not stop talking about all the plastic surgery her friends had done. After telling the others and comparing her labia to a pair of chicken filets she then went on to start a conversation about a friend of hers that lived in London and had graying pubic hairs, “can you believe this”, she said. “Maggie is the the last person on earth I would expect to tell me this. I mean she is straight as lace, went to Harvard and never even wears makeup”. Miss thing was very expressive with her words, ” however the other day she did tell me she had graying pubic hair, so you know what she does? Well, she slaps on that Clairol dye leaves it on for 20 minutes and its all done, cooked, and all the grey is gone”.

The others all seemed surprised as they cooed in unison, “really’, “oh my god”, “wow, that’s insane” ‘ “you mean she colors her pubic hair?” Miss big mouth was like, “that’s what I am saying, can you believe it, and, to top it all off she then uses a hair gloss over it to keep it shiny, she actually says the likes it shiny”. The other three women were rather bemused by this and started asking our protagonist all types of questions about Maggie’s private parts as if she should know the answers. Then all of a sudden they remembered I was there and one of them cooed a, “shush we are disturbing the poor lady lets speak softer”. Miss big mouth then said, “we don’t need to she already said its ok”.

I could not believe what I was hearing. I actually do not think it’s a big deal if a woman chooses to dye her vaginal hair, however it is a matter of choice. The other two women had suggested through out the conversation that she shave it off, and the one woman said she likes a strip , whilst miss big mouth just likes to see her chicken fillets (labia) hanging. I honestly was rather amused by all these ladies. Never in my life had I sat through such a descriptive conversation about someones vagina.

So my question is, does a shinny pussycat really make a world of difference or would you rather shave it and save the time it would take to groom your pussy doing something more productive. You have to remember however. We all have different concerns and I am sure grey pubic hair may not be what we all want to see at times.


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