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Beauty and Bankruptcy

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Here I was again at “LASHH” my favorite eyelash technician in LA having my eyelashes done as Fern, the owner, a stunning young businesswoman pruned away at my lashes adding length and volume to them. Fern has kind of become my therapist. Every time I lie down, and she does my lashes I literately discuss everything with her. My relationship, my health, career, beauty, etc. It is always good to get an hour of restitute in a busy city like LA, lying on your back, in a comfortable setting with eyes closed while your technician carefully prunes at your lashes. As usual, we started talking, and one conversation led to another.

I don’t know how it happened, but the discussion eventually led to talking about beauty and the cost to stay pretty. I had expressed to Fern the fact that I feel like I am always running from one beauty appointment to another. Nails, hair, eyelashes, yoga, spa, facials, literally one beauty appoint or another. The thing about Los Angeles is that this could take all day. As trying to get to appointments while navigating through traffic daily can be an absolute nightmare.

Today I had started at 7am, got to a yoga session at 8.30am, finished at 9.30am. Then off to Beverly Hills for a hair appointment at 10am, that I did not leave till 12.25pm, then off to a nail appointment, Mani-Pedi. And finally made it to Fern at 2.40pm. All I could think of was, my day is gone. I knew I wanted to get home by at least 4pm so I could then read some research papers for a thesis I am working on, write a blog post, do my voice exercises and read a script. I would usually be doing that through the day but the days run into evenings thanks to beauty treatments.

Like tomorrow, I am starting with Soul Cycle at 9.40am, followed by an acting class at 11.30am then to the spa by 3pm and the hairdresser again at 6pm to finish my color. I mean this is taking all my days. Every beauty junkie can relate. However, while lying on the bed talking to Fern, we also talked about the cost factor, boy oh boy it is so expensive to keep looking your best.

I am naturally blessed with good skin and great features. But, just the upkeep is a small mortgage in itself. I mean, as I am even writing this blog I am thinking, ” oh! I must remember to Fascia Blast tonight after my shower”. My Fascia Blaster helps keep my legs nice and toned. So that means for another 30 mins after my shower I am going to be rolling this gadget up and down my thighs and legs trying to sculpt them.

Ladies, The price of beauty is high. If you want to stay in top shape, you gotta to be ready to invest in your most prized asset. Be it your brain or your beauty. Fortunately for me, I have both. So trying to balance this thing is a job in itself. Calculated I spend on average $20,000 a year on looking good. Don’t know how I do it. But, somehow I manage to spend a shit load of money on upkeep. This beauty thing is an addiction …. As Fern and I discussed further, we came to the conclusion that this could make one bankrupt if one is not careful.

This beauty stuff can actually cause havoc on your bank balance, beauty and bankruptcy are both real. The secret actually is to invest in it, be it by credit card, loan, savings or whatever, then hopefully it pays off, and you don’t end up marrying a guy who marries you just for that and nothing else.

I know some are reading this and thinking this girl is full of it. But when last did you actually calculate the amount you spend on beautifying. If you move in the circles I do, you will realize it is a mini mortgage in itself. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to rather advice you that once you go into this beauty game, it’s a bottomless pit.

Make sure you are doing it for you and no one else. Remember beauty and bankruptcy could be a reality if you cannot afford the expenses.  Cause then and only then is it worth it! I love beautiful aesthetics so for me; personally, it is more of an addiction. Also I do realize it’s my greatest asset along with my brain, so I invest in both wisely, and, I don’t get caught in the euphoria of trying to look perfect. Instead, I look at it as upkeep of assets that already exist.


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