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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Before you choose any plastic surgeon, always look at their Yelp ratings; they’re most likely very accurate source for you to get the background of each Surgeon. Keep in mind that the same surgeon is not going to work for everyone; kinda like lovers :-). Choosing the right plastic surgeon, is everything. Remember, top-level surgeons are not desperate for your money, they’re millionaires already, so a lot of them are picky just like you. A tip from me is if you know you want to have surgery with that one particular surgeon you have in mind, make sure you behave well, and give no sign of crazy, and always leave on good terms. That’s a surgeon’s worst nightmare; they don’t need any more headache.

A lot of top surgeons are starting to go on television, but please, don’t get it twisted, a lot of top surgeons are also NOT on television. A lot of top Surgeons don’t have a popular Instagram following. They have been busy working on their craft rather than Instagram followers. They usually already have a large clientele and they haven’t fallen on the radar of those, not in the know.   Some prefer a more conservative word of mouth approach.   Not everyone you see on Instagram with thousands or even millions of followers is a great surgeon.  

 Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because everyone goes somewhere means that that place is the best (Instagram and famous people get everything for free). So please, check Yelp ratings, review, and background and education. My motto is if you get anything done to your face (go to the best face surgeon) and that goes for everything else. Instead, go to the surgeon who is best at the procedure you are after unless you are sure your surgeon of choice is experienced at everything you are having done. Everyone has his or her speciality.

This is a good place to start when trying to find the right surgeon for your procedure. You see it is like calculating probability in mathematics. The more a surgeon does or has done a procedure the less likely he is to fuck up. If he becomes a master at that procedure then you should definitely be going to see him. The margin for error is smaller and most likely in the past a specialized surgeon would have dealt with a situation similar yours you are seeing him for now.

Remember, “Plastic surgery is a commitment” and for sure is not a one size fits all. Be prudent in your search for perfection and research very well to avoid ending up with someone that screws you up and then you have to fix it all. Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but choosing the right plastic surgeon, does not necessarily mean cheap is better. If you do need help making a choice. Ask around and become the best detective you can ever be. It is your beauty and you do not want it to end up in the hands of a butcher. BUYER BEWARE!


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