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Clean Clear Skin…… Less is More

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Skin is a big deal for everyone especially the skin on our face. Our face says it all, it’s the first thing people see when we say hello and if we feel uncomfortable about how our skin looks we tend to shy away from the world.

There are lots of aesthetic treatments one can have to help correct acne, pigmentation or uneven skin. The fad at the moment is Clear and Brilliant; a laser treatment that helps prevent the visible signs of aging and address the overall effects time and the environment can have on your skin. You can also try getting a few treatments at Skin Laundry a chain of stores that offer Laser Facial treatments to help clean your skin whilst reducing pigmentation and leaving it clear and smooth.

I personally use my Mandelic Clarifying Gel Mask by Cell Bone once a week, and this leaves my skin glowing. But even once you have clear skin, you may still need a bit of makeup to make it look  flawless. I for one never wear anything on my face. Just sunblock and a cheek stain ( I usually use Benetint by Benefit on my cheeks) and I am good to go. Sometimes you just may want that flawless finish that looks smooth sheer and clean. With just the right amount of makeup, you should be able to achieve this flawlessly.

Your main aim is for your skin to look like you have nothing on, not too chalky and slightly dewy giving you that youthful luster. I see girls with too much makeup in the daytime, and it can look rather horrendous and noticeable. Just enough is what you need but not too much. Firstly find a foundation that is closest to you your skin tone and very lightweight. A “BB” cream may work but if not you can also put a bit of face cream mixed with a regular liquid foundation. I would also use a brush to apply this correctly over your face rather than a sponge, so you have a lot more control of the thickness application.

Use this lightly all over your face, If you want to use a concealer use one that is not much lighter than your base color and use a brush to apply it under eyes, bridge of the nose and mid-forehead avery lightly. Remember you are not trying to create a mask just an illusion of smooth, silky skin. If you have dark blemishes, you may need to cake on a bit more. What I usually do after this is apply a translucent foundation, and then you can use a slight cheek stain and some mascara. I personally prefer no eyeshadow.

For brows, use a powdered kohl pencil very lightly and a makeup eyebrow brush to smooth it down. Finally, I finish off with a slight lip stain or Makeup Forevers Utra HD Lip Booster Hydra-Plump Serum, and the look is then set in place with a spray of hyaluronic acid water, this is also another one of my favorites products.

This look is supposed to give that makeup/no makeup look, but apparently, you could layer it and add more make up. I believe however too much makeup actually makes you look older especially in the daytime. So less is actually more in this case. The whole premise behind this is to try and recreate the illusion of baby soft smooth skin. Of course, there is a lot to be said about being lucky enough to have great skin, but if you do not, you can make it look like you do.

Now we have dealt with the skin, my suggestion is to go out looking clean and feeling refreshed. Take good care of your skin. I suggest using a good toner, face serum and face cream. These things can do wonders for dull skin. I also find a weekly visit to the steam room and a good once a month facial also helps a lot. Drink tons of water and if you live in a hot, dry environment get a humidifier. This all helps to keep your skin supple and looking moist and luscious.

Just take a note from the French. In typical French style. Less is more….


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