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Plastic Surgery is a Commitment

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Firstly, let’s hope you went to the right surgeon, so you do not need another surgery to correct the surgery you just had. Secondly, then comes the fact that you may have done one surgery and it set off something else. For example, you had liposuction, and now you have wrinkly skin which then needs some other form of aesthetic treatment (check out my liposuction section). Or you may be one of those that just got everything just right. In that case, let’s hope you’re, not the narcissistic type that then wants to correct something else.

All in all having plastic surgery is a commitment. Even if all goes right you have to take care of yourself after the surgery, diet, exercise, the right cosmetic products, and aesthetic treatments will help your results last longer. Also, genes play a considerable part. I have heard of women that had a facelift and then have another one not so long after. My solution for a lot of these things is to take good care of yourself using a 360-degree approach to beauty both before and after surgery.

I know continually having aesthetic treatments in between may cost money, but you have to be committed. Plastic surgery is not a one size fits all. Same with cosmetic procedures. After your treatment, it is better to use the right products that will keep things in place. There are several treatments out there that will help you maintain your results. For example, Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Jason Emer recommends lymphatic drainage after liposuction as well as treating any loose skin with collagen inducing laser treatments;this is excellent !!

You see you should always budget for extras when considering plastic surgery treatments. It will be a shame to pay $20,000 for a facelift if you cannot afford dermatologist-recommended skincare after. There are other factors in some cases, like staying out of the sun, avoiding strenuous exercise and scar management. Also, think about internally. Taking the right supplements can help to heal. I recommend Vita Medica Recovery Support as an addition to your routine. Healing is critical after surgery. Rest well and get lots of sleep. It is not a rush a to the finish line; this is a lifestyle…….


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