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Plump em fillets!!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Girl!!! So, here I am researching fillers. When…. all of a sudden I come across this filler called Desiral. Here is little innocent me thinking ok this is another facial filler. However, hell no! It happens to be just the opposite. I read and research many things I want to write about and try to research first-hand experiences from actual users. This product, however, is very intimate. I could not believe it. I never knew that people went and got fillers regularly in their Vjay-jay.

So if you ever decide you need chicken breast size labia. This treatment is probably the way to go. Pump them babies up girl. Word has it that, “a plump (you know what) helps it look much younger down there”. Jokes apart, seriously, I hope women don’t start over filling their vjay-jay like they do their lips. I mean can you imagine all those camel toes at the gym every morning. I mean just imagine if big lips ( talking about the down there lips) became in vogue like the big butt, big facial lips, and the big boob phenomenon.

On the other note girlies, all is not lost once you reach menopause, have no fear; there is a filler called “Desiral” to the rescue that’s a savior specially designed for your most intimate parts.


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