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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Living in Los Angeles I am constantly living a dry skin battle.   I have naturally dry skin and the weather in LA really does not help to keep it moist.    Forget moist dewy skin living in LA, you have to remember we are technically living in a dessert and desserts are known for being dry ..  So what does a girl do?  I have found some skin savers that really help me.   The first thing you need to do is to try and make sure your skin retains as much water as possible.  So firstly yes, drink a lot of water!  

However the atmospheric conditions in your home could also cause your skin to get even more dry.  Central air conditioning and heat does not help, I try to avoid both.   I advise anyone living in a dry environment to get a humidifier.   The air that circulates around you needs to be slightly moist.  I can tell the difference in my skin when I am in LA from when I am somewhere like the UK or in Bali that has very high humidity.   I try to counterbalance the dry air by using an indoor humidifier.  This also helps with breathing etc.

I also advise everyone to find the right moisturizers that work best for you,   both on your face and body.  My top picks for the body are, Eucerine Advanced repair cream, Eucerine Skin Calming cream, Illi Total aging care body lotion, Mio Skincare Future Proof Active Body Butter , Mio Skincare The Activist Active Body Oil and of course Hydra Oil which in my opinion is much more effective than Bio-Oil.   Hydra Oil is made in South Africa, and I find it so much more effective.


When I put my moisturizers on I also try to layer them.  Sometimes I use either Illi Total ageing care body lotion ( consistency is like a serum) first then layer it with the Eucerine Skin Calming cream, or use Mio Skincare The Actionist Active Body Oil layered with the Mio Skincare Future Proof Active Body Butter.   When I layer I usually start with damp skin, then I apply a serum or oil lightly all over.  I walk around with no clothes on for about fifteen minutes then layer on top with a cream or lotion.   This is all in aid of sealing in the moisture in my skin.


It is also important to exfoliate frequently.  The dry skin battle is real and should be attacked just as fiercely. I try to exfoliate at least twice a week.  Once a month Korean Spa exfoliation at my favourite Korean Spa Olympic spa does the trick.   I use a moisturizing soap or shower gel including Illi Total ageing shower cream or Nivea moisturizing shower cream.  I prefer shower creams or gels.   If your shower cream is drying, add some bath oil to it so you can get your skin well moisturized during your shower routine.   The oil does make a difference when you get out of the shower.

For the face, I have my favourites too.  One of my favourites is the Chanel Sublimage; I use the Cream texture which is a bit heavier and use the serum underneath. The bad news is this pair costs over $900,  However lately I have found that on eBay several sellers are selling sample sets.  So you can buy nine tiny samples for about $150, these last and cheaper than buying the cream for $450.   Guess the Chanel counter assistants are trading on eBay.However, like everything in life, it will be better buying a full jar in store, if you can afford it. 

I found other cheaper alternatives that work too.   Cellbone, a company that sells mostly online has a caviar product that is a great serum to mix into any moisturizer, and they also have lots of other great serums, like their squalene serum or hyaluronic acid serum.   I also like Dermalogica Moisture Rich which you can put on top of your Cellbone product.  Lately, I discovered a Finnish company called LUMENE I swear by.   Their products are very affordable yet work wonders on dry skin.  

My Favourite Skin Savers

Yes I know I am partial to LUMENE, I find their products so affordable for the modern working woman.   Apart from this, you could always go nuclear spend all your savings on La Praire which is the skincare moisture bible. Your dry skin battle would definitely be over with a layer of that stuff!   But I am sure you would instead save those funds for your next vacation on an island with moist temperate climate. 

Oh and before I forget.   Let’s not forget about peels.   Peels also help but could cause hyperpigmentation if you have dark skin so please beware.   I reckon light peels are great on the face, and they help those moisturizers sink in.  My favourite is the Mandelic Gel Peel from Cellbone.   Trust me you will see results with this peel.  I use it once a week.    Remember, the secret to dewy skin is moisture, moisture, moisture!!!


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