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The Synced Waist

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

You are 5’9″, nice long legs that make even Wonder Woman feel inferior, silky hair, skin like a baby and eyes to die for. You’ve got everything it seems, and your friends wish they were you. However, you are not happy. There is one thing you would just like to have, that would make you perfect. That synched waist ….. boy oh boy!! What a girl would do for a Jessica Rabbit waist. Well, you have been glaring at photos of Kim K and her mini-me Kylie, and you just want a figure eight so blindly.

Not any standard hourglass number eight, what you are dreaming about is, “the synched waist”. You want one of those that will make heads turn and cause traffic jams! Yet you kinda have a thick waist. But hope is not lost, as you can see, every single girl on your favourite Insta-stream is all synched in. Get yourself a waist trainer honey child and not just any type! One with secure hooks and good spandex will do. Something that can pull you in real tight and has some boning that can slowly, over time, pull in all your organs and give you the waist of a Barbie Doll.

There are corsets, and then there are corsets. If one is wide waisted, I would suggest starting with a waist trainer that has metal boning in it. Turn yourself into scarlet O’Hara in gone with the wind. The secret to using one of those waist trainers that are like a classic corset is to pull the strings only as far as comfortable and then every week pull in an extra 1/2 inch. If you do this religiously every week for at least eight weeks, you could reduce your waist size easily by two to three inches. However, classic corsets are very uncomfortable, so these are not for the faint-hearted.

You should perhaps then start with an elasticated waist trainer one not made out of spandex but rather the thick elasticated type of rubber that the inner ring of an inflatable tire is made of……LOL, These latex corsets especially those with a bit of boning are very very efficient. They pull you in yet at the same time are smooth enough to wear under clothes and not as rigid as the classic corset. However, I would advise no matter what corset you are wearing you would need to wear a vest or tank top under the corset to prevent the corset marking your body. Corsets can leave unsightly marks on your skin. If you are prone to scaring, be careful; pulling a classic corset too tight as this may cause hyper-pigmentation and leave unsightly marks on your skin.

Always remember pulling a corset too tight could restrict breathing and also damage internal organs. Do corsets work ?? Yes, they do!! But waist training is a discipline, and you’ve got to be committed.

You have to wear the waist trainer for at least eight hours a day. Some choose to wear it under their clothes which is what I would do or some wear it only while at home or at the gym. I personally think wearing a waist trainer while doing a workout could be very dangerous as this may cause shortness of breath or hyperventilation especially if it is too tight.

Also, corsets can ruin your organs and displace them so be careful! Do not try anything drastic everything in moderation is fine. Nothing too drastic. Remember that if you wear this all the time your waist will eventually reduce by at least two inches. The classic more sturdy type of corsets will also reshape your ribs due to the boning in the corset and how stiff they are. Be very careful. Corseting can be treacherous if not done correctly. But, hey you will look slimmer more voluptuous, and you will definitely get noticed more. Everything in moderation as always. You don’t want to go around town looking crazy or do you?

There have been extreme examples of corsetry like people who cannot stand up straight any longer because they have been corseting for so long that without a corset they cannot sit or stand upright. They need the corset for support as they do not have anything to support their waist. My question is why would you want to do that to yourself? You will literarily turn yourself into a medical wreck.

Maybe, the long legs, wide eyes, silky hair, and beautiful skin is enough. You are still at least a long way ahead in the beauty game….


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