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Thin maybe Nice, but Round is Nicer.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I have never really struggled with my weight. Never had to diet, restrict eating patterns or anything of that type. This makes some women sick to the stomach, especially when they ask how I keep my trim physique.  My answer is, “I don’t know, I never really thought about it!”; Fat in the right places can be excellent! The issue arises, when one starts putting on fat in those places that don’t really flatter the female form or any form to be precise. Cellulite, is also a huge culprit, especially for us women, our hormones make our body do strange things. Now this post is not about weight loss, but instead what I call “weight curbing”.

I notice that these days, I have started to get cellulite on my thighs and my thighs have a bit more fullness than they used too. However, on the other hand, my feminine curves are more accentuated. A few things I noticed that have helped me keep my legs lean and less heavy and my stomach trim; Drinking lots of water is number one. This is something I usually ignored but the moment I started doing this everything changed for real. Skin became clearer cellulite reduced, and I just noticed my legs did not get as heavy. I recommend drinking water. It’s the elixir to fresh, dewy skin too.

Another thing is please avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar is the number one culprit, sugar can cause a lot of havoc especially as we age. Try and avoid sugars and after a while, you actually get used to living without sugar. A sugarless life is not as bad as it may seem, trust me.

The third thing is rather obvious. Cut your portions by at least 1/3 and eat three times a day, no snacks in between, except if you must. I find this actually works like a charm. You lose weight naturally and become much more trim. This is mainly due to taking in fewer calories, and it does wonders with results to be seen in as little as one week. I believe trying to get in your best physical condition body-wise is essential. But remember, it has to be a body that is right for you and not someone else. Don’t try and mimic someone else’s weight loss journey, plan your own weight loss journey and take to the path like a warrior.

My next tip is to exercise. Get at least an hours exercise daily, be it walking, running, jogging, whatever it is you do. Get that heart rate up. This is not only good for your health but also good for your weight and general well-being work that butt girl. Exercise is so good and will make you more svelte, agile and less sluggish.

Now the tips I am giving above are not so you become a tiny, incy, mincy anorexic spider, but rather so you become the best version of yourself. The version that that is confident as well as bold, beautiful and sassy. This is the YOU, you’ve have been waiting for. One step at a time, remember Rome was not built in a day, girlfriend!! And a DIVA is born first before she is made!

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