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Why Fat Could be a good thing if Redistributed…

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Not only can you suck out the fat you can actually redistribute it. Think the Brazilian butt lift looks good right? Basically, if you have enough fat, it can be taken from one part of your body and injected straight into your butt for a fuller more rounded derriere. As if that is not good enough it gets even better. These days fat can be injected into the breast, chest and even calves. If you go to a doctor that’s an expert at this, the end result could be fantastic. Or just so incredibly life-changing at the least. In the calves, fat can actually be packed in, structured to give you a fuller calf and a well defined, more athletic shape if that’s what one desires. It can also create pecs or just add more fat to your boobs to give a fuller look rather than a boob job. If you have slim hips but enough fat elsewhere, you can have that fat moved to the hips.

Fat, in general, can be redistributed almost anywhere in the body. It accentuates, fills and gives just the profile you were looking for. Obviously, if you are very fat, this may not be of help as you will need just to get rid of your body fat regardless. If you are the type that tends to put on fat only in particular parts of your body, then this is definitely something you should be looking at. It can make a world of difference to the way you perceive your body and how others see you. For me generally, I actually do not have any fat at all. Lately, I have started getting some fat deposits around the waist, however not enough to make a huge a difference in my bum. For someone like me with my proportions, I would have to resort to something like Sculptra if I wanted the Brazilian butt lift.

Doctors are now injecting gallons of that stuff into butts to aid collagen production and this in return helps the derriere look bigger, perkier and rounder. The moral of this article is that FAT is not necessarily your enemy if you know what to do with it, and how to have it redistributed in the right places. Thank god for modern technology. Fat can actually be used to create the new you, version 7.0 supercharged turbo…..:)


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