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When you get the blues, EIGHT things, you can do to pick yourself up!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Okay, girl! I know that feeling, we’ve all been there. You are feeling unloved and unappreciated. Don’t let it get to you. Remember everything is all about mindset. I know it can be complicated at times, but, when you get the blues here are eight things, you can do to pick yourself up.

The Beauty Works.

1. I call this one the Beauty Works. Usually, I get out my most beautiful negligee, sexy underwear and then get into a nice hot bath with some bubbles and essential oils. Then I put on a sheet mask, dim the bathroom lights, put on a scented candle or two, some chill music and relax. After spending twenty to forty minutes in bubbly splendour, in due time all my muscles and brain cells are relaxed. I drag myself out of the tub put on a robe, then gently moisturize my skin. Then I move my candles to the bedroom. Put on my robe and then settle in for the night. The feeling of soft clean sheets on softly scented skin, cuddled under a warm comforter usually feels so good, you will drift off slowly into a blissful sleep and wake up energized and ready to conquer another day.

The Pig Out

2. Something else I do when I feel like this is otherwise described as a “pig out.”   I get in bed or on the sofa and with several snacks, ice cream, cake whatever I feel like.   Put on my favourite old-time classic movies and relax.   Sometimes I may choose to watch an episode or two of Scandal, or perhaps Wonder Woman, or my favourite of all time Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   Basically, I  watch movies that make me feel good. A lot of people may find this is a bit of a fattening exercise.  Sometimes we have just got to let it all go and dwell in food comfort.   Not only do you feel better and perhaps over-nourished, but it also ups your comfort level and helps you feel a lot better.   Hit the gym in the morning and get some exercise. 

The BFF Pyjama Party.

3. The Girlfriend Pyjama Party; I invite my favourite girlfriends over, and we put on our pyjamas, gossip, cry, chat and have a bitchfest. This is my favourite one as nothing beats a night in with my girls, It is priceless. Find friends that are like sisters form your tribe and surround yourself with them. They will eventually be your angels in a time of need and in return you comforting them will make you forget all your problems. Love heals in all forms. Be happy there is a long road ahead and, “the best is yet to come”!

The Dream Maker

4. Make a dream board. When you are feeling blue is actually a perfect time to go back to the drawing board and put together the picture you want your life to be. Get out some magazines, a pen, a diary. Write down your goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Make it as concise and well put together as possible and make sure everything is clear and you can envision it. I find just the act of writing down each goal or future plan and breaking it down into smaller tasks helps me redirect my focus and keeps my brain on the positive. What I want and not what I lost or can’t have. This is beneficial as it allows you to gather your thoughts and the direction you want to focus the rest of your life. Writing out your life goals and looking over them helps to gather your thoughts and gives you a whole new meaning and sense of direction. At that moment you feel like the sun goddess etching out a new destiny and path for herself.

The Mental Adrenaline Rush

5. Take a walk through nature: What I find that really helps cure all the blues is taking a brisk walk through nature. Not only do you feel better, but it actually gives you a good work out, raises your energy levels and releases endorphins into your system. I would say this is my number one for getting rid of any type of stress or depression. Exercise is generally good but taking a walk through nature just tops it all. You finish it feeling alive, revived and ready to take on the world if you keep up the energy you might do just that. Taking a walk through nature helps one think and redirect one’s energy and focus. Gives you the time to think and reminisce while at the same time getting your body in shape.

The Girls Night Out

6. Go on a girls night out !! This is actually an excellent cure for the blues. Once you out with your girlies and you feel confident and whole, anything is possible. All of a sudden you are dancing on tables and attracting attention and god knows you may have broken up with Mr.Wrong, but now you may soon be dancing with, Mr. Right Now. When we get outside ourselves and attempt to interact with others, it helps us forget our own problems.

The Inner Work Out

7. Go on a weekend meditation retreat. This is another excellent way to realign one’s energies. You come back feeling revived. There are several weekend meditation retreats in all price ranges one can check out. From the really posh costly ones to something that is a weekend daily commuting retreat. Meditation retreats really help us align our energies and great for energy renewal. It is all about letting go and feeling that all is in control and the right things will happen at the right time. Give yourself a hug and be kind to yourself.

Finding Your True Self

8. Decide on a makeover. Get your hair cut, go get your make-up done. Create a whole new look and a whole new you. Imagine what and how you want to feel let your imagination run wild. Part of being who we are is owning what we are! We cannot let other people let us down. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to know who we are. If you feel you want to change something about yourself and you think it will make you feel better. Then have the discipline to focus on that one thing daily until you actually do start to make those changes and towards feeling even better and looking great. There is power in ownership of your feelings and yourself. Celebrate who you are!! The best is yet to come!!


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