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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Smile, cause life is worth it… A smile can say a thousand things. If you trust the process permanent happiness is achievable. I was in Rio de Janeiro when I first read the book, Permanent Happiness by Dr. Iyabo Ojikutu. I had bought several copies of this book before even reading it, just because I liked the title. However, due to my busy schedule, I did not have the time to read, but every friend of mine in the meantime had received a copy. I arrived in Rio and was enjoying Brazil and just did not open the book. Finally, I thought to myself you really have to open this book and read it. It was sitting there on my bedside table and as you can guess I always had something else to occupy me. I opened this book, and the first chapter was all about peace and finding your spiritual alignment. When it talked about peace, it was not talking about world peace, but rather about finding peace inside yourself. The book talked about how finding your peace guarantees constant, stable happiness and helped align you with your calling

and with God.

I got it,  in this crazy world where we all have a thousand and one things to do daily, how many times do we think, “if we had just a little more time.”  The funny thing is time does not wait.  It will pass and surpass you if you don’t find the time actually to get in a state of quiet with yourself.    Getting into that calm state has several benefits for your physical and mental state.   Sometimes in all the chaos. 

We have to create a place, a time away when we can be with spirit daily and reflect.   There is so much noise and chatter both internally in our minds and externally in the world around us.  That sometimes we forget what’s important.   Never forget what’s important to you. What your God-given gift on this planet is.  I know sometimes things may not be not working out right, and everything seems like a crazy mess.

What finding peace does is it helps you find your centre.  I know It sounds easier said than done.   But trust me really getting quiet enables you to revitalize and recentre.   Permanent happiness is achievable, there are several ways to do it. It may be through meditation, prayer to a higher God, Just sitting in a peaceful setting and contemplating life. Whatever way you do this let your mind and soul just wander away.  Redetermine, revive, rejuvenate and reimagine your experiences as you want them to manifest.   When you find peace, it is so much easier to shut out the noise and find yourself.  As a wise old lady once said,   “Nothing real can be threatened.”


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