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Stand in your Light …. be Unapologetic

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Recently I was reading an article about Stormy Daniels (yes the one and only ) , it was about how trolls were trolling her all over twitter. The article kind explained how quick-witted and unapologetic miss Daniels is. It talked about how relentless she was when trolls tried to threaten her on twitter or make her feel less than. One of the things it mentioned was how unapologetic she was. When trolls called her a porn star, she replied: “ I never said I was not “. When trolls tried to body shame her she replied abruptly, saying, “they must have been watching one of her videos”. Miss Daniels was living in her truth through and through. She took to the task and never denied who she was. She admitted what she is and then went on to use reason in each tweet that made her attackers look stupid.

I use Ms. Daniels as an analogy today as I think there is a lesson here for us all “be unapologetic” when it comes to identifying who you are, what you are or where you have been. Own it! It’s your journey it’s your identity. I have seen so many women cower in the face of adversity. Be it being body-shamed or being made to feel inferior. Remember every scar, upward battle, insecurity or disappointment all contribute to making you 100%. Never ever apologize for being you own it, after all this is you.

Talking about owning who we are. How do you get there? In my opinion, a lot of it is about perspective. Sometimes we feel ashamed cause we are worried about what people will think or say and how they will judge us. The first thing you should do, is, do not care what anyone else thinks about you. The only person you have to be truthful to is you. Own it. Truth is everything you are that has created your identity. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Stand in your light and be unapologetic.  Remember, they have not lived your life. They do not know your dreams, hopes and aspirations only you do. Own it. If they don’t get it, others will.

Secondly, stay grounded. Try not to create a false persona.

False personas can sometimes cause us more harm than good. When you create a false persona, you think it will cover your truth, and you keep on play-acting. It’s like being in a movie and sooner or later you will break down when things don’t work out. You may end up not being able to handle things because your alter ego is not working, then some turn to alcohol or drugs to help change their state. Staying grounded involves identifying the things that make you…

Find your core values and the reasons why your core values and sense of being are okay. You are your own best supporter. The surprising thing is when others realize what your core is it may interest them and before you know it, you find out you are an inspiration to many others. In life, we have to learn to be unapologetic for who we are.

WARNING: Though you should own who you are, violence is never condoned neither is theft or lies. Stay within the law of the land but embrace your true self. Don’t apologize for being you. There is only one you and an apology is not called for. Stand in your light …. be unapologetic


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