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Whats your Blueprint?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Yes, we all have a blueprint. Ideas we think or things we want. About the way life should and would be, if we got the things, we think we should have. The Tony Robins CD I was listening to talked about how sometimes we can have a blueprint and when things do not go according to our current plan we start to get depressed and anxious about our life. We feel that without things going the way we thought or think in our heads that we are powerless.

The problem starts when we do not achieve or are not at the place we think we should be according to our blueprint. We can then get depressed and unhappy, we sometimes feel as if life has let us down as if we are not where we want to be, and the worst part of it is we feel powerless. We keep looking at the past, what was, what should have been and what could have been. I know it is easy for people to tell us to look to the future, but we just cannot see it without the preconceived ideas we have in our head. We feel lost, and at the lowest we get depressed.

In Buddhism, there is a concept which says, “from this moment forward.” This concept means that whatever is happening in your life, you can change it from this moment forward. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but, think where you are right now and look forward from there. I know it sounds so simple and so easy and sometimes may prove very difficult to do, but we have to start one step at a time.

If your idea of the perfect life was this or that. It does not mean it’s not going to happen just because you had pitfalls or because you have not reached it yet. There is a reason you are where you are at, believe me. The first step is to visualize your life as to how you would want it to be. What things do you want in your life and what things don’t you want. I know life sometimes does not always give us what we need. Take a piece of paper and start from a place of gratitude.

Write down all the good things in your life even though they may be hard to find at this moment as you are in such pain. Write down things like the fact that you have food to eat., that you are healthy, breathing alive. Whatever positive things you can find write them down. This action alone will help get you more centred.

Secondly, see where you want to go and write down mini-steps you can use to achieve it. Don’t worry about what others may think of you or where they are at in their life. Just write them down and move towards them one step at a time. The important thing is to have a plan that’s flexible that could change and adapt.

I know it’s important to know what’s wrong, what went wrong and why we are not achieving our goals at the moment. However, at the same time, it’s a bad habit to dwell on the past. Your idea of the way your life should be could be perfect, but then that does not mean you are a failure if you have not achieved it. Write the little things that could get you out of your rut at the moment. You may not have the dream job, dream body, dream guy/gal or whatever. If you believe that you will one day have it, but don’t hang on to it, it will come when you least expect. Journaling could be something you could do every day.

Try and find little things that will give you a-ha moments and make you happy. It could be a walk through nature or just a call with your best friend or watching a movie. Change old habits. If old habits got you where you are today. They are not all of a sudden going to get better. Get new habits and thought patterns. If you keep doing the same old things you will get the same old results.

Our Blueprint is mostly based on how we think life should be. The things we tell ourselves and that we project on ourselves. Find a deeper meaning to your life and your focus. You are better, greater, wiser and more significant than that. Even if you are not as successful as you think you should be, you might think others are judging you, but if they are then they must not be really happy themselves or why else would they judge you. Sometimes when we go off track, we discover the hidden gems in ourselves we never knew existed. Don’t overthink it. Do a little every day, and you will achieve greatness.

Remember a Blueprint is only a blueprint and you can create a new one. One step at a time. The only catalyst you need really is the ability to be willing to change. I hope you find peace in who you are. If all else fails, seek help or talk to someone. We are so much more than we think we are. Sometimes we just need someone to help nudge us to greatness.

Stay Blessed.

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