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When you just have to tell him to f**k off!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

So here I am sitting at dinner with four amazing women and a gentleman having a glorious evening. When one of my friends brings up the topic of a date she recently went on. I could not believe what she told us when she finally spilled the beans. She had met the brother of a quite famous Hollywood actor lets call him “WH”, the actor that is. Well, WH’s brothers claim to fame was using his brother’s name. I will call this guy Mr.X for discretion purposes.

Anyway, let me cut a long story short. The next day she gets a text that literally goes like this, “It was great meeting you, I had a wonderful night with you and was just telling my friends how you would be the perfect girl for me if you were twenty-five pounds lighter”. Now, I don’t know if he meant that text as a form of flattery or a compliment, but my friend could not believe he would even text her something like that. Firstly she is not fat at all. This is a woman that works out five days a week, has a banging hot body and is as fit as hell. I mean where did that text even come from. The guy must be either mentally ill or insane. We were all astounded that he would even have the guts to write such a rude text. At dinner, his text message was passed around. She had not replied to him yet. Somewhere in her, she was disappointed, I could tell. As a strong woman, she did not let it get to her.

What do you reply in such a situation? When you get a text that actually could be construed as a semi insulting from someone you actually thought was a nice person and that perhaps you could date. My advice to her was to tell him to fuck off and tell him what a loser he is literally. The reason I mention this is a lot of women tolerate and allow this from men. Right from the beginning of their relationships. They see the signs and still refuse to act on their instinct by saying no, “I am not going to allow myself to be treated like this”. Some women will even go as far as to start dating such a guy and watch him slowly but surely chip away at their confidence.

What I have to say to you is that you are better than that, No man is worth that, actually, no one is worth that. It will only get worse from their off… If a guy starts your relationship on that footing. It will just end up getting worse from their off. Don’t allow yourself to be treated how you would not treat others. Ladies, definitely do not shortchange yourself. A man that’s worth fighting for will not text you with open-ended innuendos or causal texts that mean nothing but, to satisfy his ego. You know what to do and where to tell him to go. So do it!!


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