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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I sat down to write this, then I forgot totally about what I wanted to write.   The title came up in my head when I started thinking about my whole life.  I was going through one of those moments when we start thinking that life is unfair and that everybody else has everything we want.    It is at times like this; you have to take a good look at yourself, flaws, acknowledge the mistakes you have made and the things you thought were right that turned out wrong. All these life lessons are a story that could inspire someone else and you may never know the power in your have in your story if you don’t write it.

Life could be hard; don’t beat yourself up.   What I have come to learn from living this life is “no condition is permanent” and “this too shall pass.”   Two things that bring joy to my heart every time I think otherwise.   You see life is faster than you think and whatever situation you are going through someone is going through the same or worse. You may assume it is easy for me to say as I write this, but I also know when we are going through the valleys in our life, we can sometimes not see the rainbow at the end of the story.   There is no doubt that life can sometimes be challenging and sometimes you do not know where to turn.   Always try and stay centred no matter what.

I believe it is essential to write a journal or blog about your experiences; not only does this help you see a different perspective, but it also helps you to heal.   Sometimes life is not fair, but I do not want that to dissuade you.   You are bigger, better, faster, and more fierce than what life throws at you.   However, the primary key I find that helps me solve my problems is to keep looking on the outside.   We bottle it all in and think everything in life is all about us.  Take the focus away from yourself by trying to meditate or take long walks in nature. Doing this will infuse your life with strength and make you see things from a different perspective.

One thing I have learned is when we take attention away from ourselves and focus it on something or someone else, it facilitates our healing. Whatever your story is, it can be of great benefit to someone else. Your truth will set you free. However, sometimes, it is by sharing this truth with others that sets us free. The freedom comes when you see the hope and promise your story instills in others. You would be surprised how sharing your truth can sometimes affect others and how it can make them feel. In return when you observe the hope, it gives others you start to feel there is a lining at the end of the rainbow and that at least your story has served someone else in ways that are even beyond your wildest dreams.

Everyone has a story, and our stories can sometimes be so compelling that we don’t even know how impactful it could be to someone else.   Take, for example, when you hear stories of people that have made it against all the odds.  These stories inspire us.   They make us look at our lives and pursuits from a different perspective, and they help us establish a sense of purpose.    One thing you should remember is that your story counts as much as any other story.  When you find the strength in you to tell it to others, it could encourage them to come out and be the best version of themselves.   That story might save someone’s life or inspire someone else.

I believe all stories told in truth are compelling.  There is power in your truth, don’t shy away from being your best self and owning your authenticity.  Let’s stand on the shoulders of giants and those that came before us and also share our truth.   No one is perfect.  Moreover, no story is either.  However, all stories can bring about something in us that helps to make us stronger.    Don’t be afraid to share. Our lives are all a collection of stories, be they good, bad or ugly.


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